Resource Speakers & Consultancy Services

Learn through the sharing of expertise by our network of resource speakers or access to specialist providers of a range of consultancy services


Meetings of the Business Leadership Program feature an interactive session led by a specialist resource speaker on a topic of relevance and interest to members.  Building on the peer-to-peer learning, each speaker will impart best practice in their area of business expertise. The resource speakers listed below have been highly-rated by members.  


Bruce Anderson

Director, The Anderson Partnership

Specialist in strategic design and implementation of growth plans 

The Anderson Partnership guides businesses, teams and individuals to achieve outcomes beyond their wildest dreams. 

As a trusted partner, Bruce works with Boards, CEOs and Business Owners to develop and implement strategy, typically through their leaders and people.  The work involves the development of leaders and independent teams to get things done. 

Planning is simple, but success is in the implementation – the sweet spot at The Anderson Partnership. 

M: 0409 141 615

E:  [email protected]



Darrell Hardidge

Founder & CEO, Saguity

Speaker, trainer and author on client appreciation, experience and strategy

Saguity is the secret weapon to mastering CX and having the edge. 

As the innovators of the service excellence measurement 'Appreciation Certified™' and the unique customer due diligence measurement 'CX Assurance™', Saguity enables companies to define their unique point of difference from an independent market perspective. 

The Appreciation Certified™ team workshops are bespoke to each business and engage all areas of leadership and team in the game of 10/10 service excellence.  

T:  03 8548 1888

E:  [email protected]



Wayne Harrison

Founder, Pathfinders Downunder

Practitioner, researcher, strategist and thought leader on negotiation and communication 

Wayne enables people to more effectively solve, influence, communicate, negotiate and manage conflict when there are differences over resources, strategy, organisational change and risk. 

This is achieved using a trademarked methodology, and applying extensive experiences and qualifications, including: Accredited Mediator, FAICD and FAMI, Executive roles Henkel KGaA and Directorships with Thomas & Coffey Australia, DB Results and Acknowledge Education.  

T:  03 9846 8559

M: 0408 739 688

E:  [email protected]



David Hawkins

Managing Director, Socom

Specialist in issues and crisis management and communication

When an issue or crisis occurs it can have catastrophic impact on the organisation unless it is well managed. 

Socom prepares organisations for their worst nightmare and stands by them during an incident; providing advice, guidance and support. 

Socom has a team of experts to assist on an as-needs-basis. 

T:  03 8317 0111

E: [email protected]



Nathalie Heynderickx

Principal Coach, Zen High Achiever

Mindfulness-based leadership coach for high performance and well-being

Zen High Achiever helps businesses, teams and leaders develop focus, clarity, creativity and resilience, so they experience greater performance and continued well-being.  Extinguishing the five enemies of high performance and well-being enables business owners, leaders and team members to sustain growth while developing a mindful culture in their businesses.

Zen High Achiever work with business owners and leaders who are willing to create a positive working environment where their people can thrive and build a high performing sustainable culture that attracts and retains key talent.

M: 0406 079 486

E: [email protected]



Andy Kelsall

Managing Director, Complete Lean Solutions

Consultancy and RTO focusing on lean thinking and how managers develop excellent people and operations  

Complete Lean Solutions (CLS) is a lean thinking consultancy and registered training organisation providing bespoke lean programs for clients in multiple areas of business. 

CLS operates throughout Australia from its operation hub in Melbourne, as well as servicing UK and mainland Europe clients from its offices in Harrogate, UK.  

CLS has worked with clients within automotive, food manufacturing, defence, online retail, supermarkets, hospitals, aged care, banks, farming, packaging, pet care, airline operations and the wine industry. 

T:  03 9095 7521

M: 0400 492 123

E:  [email protected]



Pam Macdonald

Director, Broadspring Consulting 

People performance expert | Developer of leaders and teams | Strategic HR advisor  

Broadspring Consulting works with companies and individuals who know that great results come from great people. 

Broadspring help create the environments and skills to encourage and enable individuals to bring their best to their work through interactive workshops, practical strategy and focused coaching. 

M: 0438 843 970

E:  [email protected]



Ailsa Page

Founder & Director, AP Marketing Works

Marketing strategist, coach and trainer for SMEs  

AP Marketing Works is helping businesses around Victoria develop effective marketing strategies based on sound research that help them stand out from the crowd, attract customers from their target market and get better bang for their marketing dollar. 

AP Marketing Works not only develops the strategy but provides the training and support for businesses to implement these strategies successfully.  

T:  03 9311 2421

E:  [email protected]




Beyond the network of resource speakers, High Growth Business Group can put members in touch with a specialist provider renowned for their expertise, ethical approach and attention to detail.  An honest, objective and balanced opinion can solve problems, create value and improve business performance in terms of operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy. 


The work of an experienced consultant can stretch across a variety of areas, including: